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Pay or Play for free?

Lotro is a Free To Play (FTP) game with a lot of options to get benefits by paying RL money, for example by a VIP subscription. (Btw. This is my TLA page. 😉 )

As I spend a lot of time in-game I’m happy to pay – the cost vs time spent ratio is, in my case, very low 😉
Plus there are a lot of VIP benefits that I really enjoy, like being able to send and receive email (with stuff) wherever I am, and the monthly 500 LP stipend.

But even if you don’t feel like investing a lot of real-life money into Lotro, a short term VIP subscription can really enhance your gameplay as some of the benefits will stay with you after the subscription ends.

Permanent benefits from a (short term) VIP subscription

  • A total of five character slots (on all servers, mumbles the altaholic)

On all characters that you create/log on to during your subscription:

  • 5 inventory bags
    ah, that precious inventory space!
  • removal of the currency cap
  • all trait slots (J panel) unlocked
  • access to all swift travel routes
    maybe you don’t know it yet, but this one… nice
  • ability to trade or mail money
  • access to the cosmetic items you have in your shared wardrobe
    you get 20 slots as a VIP – you can still use and dye the items, but if you remove anything that slot is removed as well (

Not as important but still nice

  • full access to all Community services and Customer services

Learn how to ride before you learn how to walk!

One thing that you also get during your VIP period is free riding skill for all characters who don’t own it yet (saving you up to 5×95 LP aka Lotro Points).

The only thing your character have to do is reach lvl 20 and do the quest at Hengstacer Farms in Bree-land.

So, pro-tip from Bella the Altaholic:

  1. Get a (short term) subscription
  2. Create 5 characters of different classes and professions (or 3 explorers, 1 tinker, 1 metalsmith)
  3. Level them all up to 20, get riding skill and then… play whichever you feel like!
    Some people (like me) love the variation of different classes, others prefer to master one or two. The important thing is to have fun 🙂
  4. Place the characters that you don’t play actively by Ingredient Crates and stock up on Universal Ingredient Packs (UIP:s)

The right time to buy is… probably not right now

The quest packs and expansion packs normally go on crazy sales around Yule and Summer fest, and maybe also around Black Friday. If you’re inclined to use RL money, I recommend you wait for a sale.

And, as always: lotro-wiki has tons of information. Here’s a link to account type info:

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