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Use Ingredient Crates!

How I wish someone had told me this when I started playing…

As soon as your characters hit lvl 15 they can use an Ingredient Crate. If you are VIP you can also use a Premium Ingredient Crate. 

The Ingredient Crates yield Universal Ingredient Packs (UIP:s); 3 from the regular and 6 from the Premium, with a cooldown of 22 hrs. 

Your kin should definitely have Ingredient Crates, if not I suggest you… change kin. Or buy your own from the store. Because those UIP:s really make your crafting life easier.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.21.54Place your non-active alts by the Ingredient Crate(s), and loot them once a day until you have a nice stack of UIP:s. UIP:s are bound to account and server, and can be used to craft almost all items in game – at least up to lvl 100 or so. 

Items crafted with UIP:s are bound to account, but you will not need any mats to craft it (in most cases you will want to use a crit item, though).

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