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Things I spend my LP on

There are tons and tons of things in the Lotro Store that you can spend your LP (Lotro Points) on.

Some are, imho, crap.

Others are sooooo worth it (especially on sale)

  1. The Premium Wallet Upgrade (account shared)
  2. Journeyman Riding Trait (account shared if you – like me – have many alts)
    Will give you 78% mount speed, and grant you riding skill as soon as you get out of the intro. For all your characters. Ever. On all servers. 
  3. Expansions and quest packs (account shared)
  4. More inventory (account shared)
  5. Shared storage (account shared)
  6. Shared wardrobe (account shared)
  7. More milestones (bound to character)
  8. Reduced cooldown on milestone: Expedient Traveller and Hurried Traveller => 5 min cooldown (bound to character)
  9. Character slots (account shared)
  10. Mithril (server shared)
  11. Cosmetic outfit slots (account shared)

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