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What is a Kin?

A Kin is a Kinship is a collection of players that help each other out, be it with content, gearing up or just chatting.

There are kins for all tastes in Lotro, from laid back family friendly ones to hard-core raiding kins, and all in between.

If you play on Arkestone and are looking for the more casual type of Kin: come join the Last Great Alliance 🙂

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The Last Great Alliance

The LGA is a family friendly kin with a lot of nice kinnies from all over the world and of all ages (well, maybe not very, very young). We are very casual, and when we organize runs they tend to be more fun than serious, with a lot of room to learn.

We have a beautiful kin island with crafting facilities and ingredient crates, and we do our best to help each other out both with questing and gearing up.

We have a website, and we use Discord for voice, casual chat, and for general info.

After two weeks as a recruit you will be promoted to full member, all you need to do is sign our Code Of Conduct at the website.

As a full member you will have access not only to our kin house chest, but also to our mat houses – feel free to take what you need, and to pay it forward by donating to the chests.

Sounds nice, how do I join?

Send a tell or an in-game mail to Bellathel or one of the other officers, or you can give me your in-game name in the contact form and I’ll add you as soon as possible 🙂

I live in Europe, but we normally have kinnies on around the clock.

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