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Don’t be that guy…

… that makes other people run around and do the stuff he can just as well do himself… OK?

If you don’t go all in crafting with 6+ characters you will need others to help you to gear up.

There are so many helpful people in Lotro, but do be respectful of their time. 

I would never, ever, ask for payment to help someone craft an item.

And I actually enjoy crafting (for real) and even more so I enjoy helping people in-game.

But I’m really, really reluctant to do the chores that do NOT require a skilled crafter (unless you just got started in Lotro, in which case I’m ever so happy to supply both mats and gear to get you going 🙂 ).

If you are a more experienced player: do not expect someone else to do your gathering/farming for you. For most of us that is the least sexy part of the game. Some of us do however have inventories overflowing with mats, so feel free to ask!

But. And. If you ask someone for help and they don’t say “Sure thing, I have all the mats for it” but rather something in the line of “Happy to help, just send the mats“, and then either gives you a list or refers you to the wiki, you do that.

Do not complain about how hard it is to obtain the mats. The person with the skilled crafter knows exactly how hard or easy it is, as they have spent time and effort skilling said crafter up.
And you do have an Explorer, right?

In short: you will probably have to put some effort into gathering the mats for the gear you want.

That includes being polite enough to buy and send the supplier ingredients to the person helping you out.Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 16.43.44

ScreenShot00005Otherwise this nice and helpful person will not only give you their precious play time on their skilled crafter – which is rarely a problem.

They will also have to find a supplier, buy the stuff that you could just as easily have bought, find their way back to a crafting station (which is not always next to the supplier, which is not always next to them, so… a lot of running around). And then they can craft you the item.

That means you actually make them do what you could – and should – do yourself. And you don’t wanna be that guy, right?

Things from the supplier don’t exactly cost a fortune, so it’s not about the money.

It’s about being respectful of other peoples time.

Below are links to the recipe indexes for the different professions. A lot of the ingredients comes from the supplier.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 16.30.25When in doubt: just mouse-over the item on the wiki to learn how to obtain it, or ask!

Recipe indexes on Lotro wiki

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