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Crafting recipes

In order to craft you will need recipes

Recipes are obtained differently in different level ranges. Basically there are four different ways to obtain recipes:

  1. Automatically granted when you reach a new tier of your crafting skills
  2. Buy from the Novice/Expert Your-Profession at a crafting area
  3. Get as a drop when killing mobs
  4. Barter item, which normally requires some kind of rep with the faction that provides the recipe

You can also buy the recipes in the Lotro Store, but… nah. I’d never waste my LP:s on that.

Apprentice recipes

Level 7 recipes: granted as soon as you chose profession.

Level 10 recipes: drops that you get by killing mobs.

Journeyman, Expert, Artisan and Master recipes

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.35.15Level x2 recipes: granted as soon as you reach the next tier of your crafting skills.

Level x5 recipes: buy these from the Novice/Expert Tailor/Jeweller/Armsman and so on, in a crafting area.
You can buy all available recipes regardless of skill level, but you will not be able to read/consume them until your skill level is high enough.

Level x8 and single use recipes: drops that you get by killing mobs.

Cooking and Farming recipes are a bit special: there are no drops up to Master, instead you buy them from the Expert Cook/Farmer, or barter for them.

Single use recipes

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.10.57These are the top-level recipes for each tier; for Journeyman that means lvl 20, Expert lvl 30, Artisan lvl 40 and Master lvl 50.

They require a shard of some sort (sapphire, ruby and so on). This is a so-called rare component that you can get as a drop, a quest reward or barter for at the skirmish camp.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.41.50To increase crit chance for a single use recipe you will need a crafting journal of the appropriate kind. These are made by scholars, and require yet another one of the shards.

Guild recipes = guaranteed crit single use recipes

From Expert tier and up, the guild recipes give the same result as the single use recipes, but with guaranteed crit (aka Teal as the crafted item will have a blue-ish background).

And repeatable, with a cooldown of either 3 or 7 days depending on level.

You will still need the shard, and instead of a crafting journal you will need a rep clickie, with the same cooldown as the crafted item.

Guild recipes + UIP:s = no shards and no rep clickies needed

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.05.19I will hammer this in. Use the Ingredient Crates, and then check “Use Ingredient Packs“. The cooldown on the recipe still remains, but you will not need any mats to craft the item, and you will not need the rep clickies.

This saves you a ton of time, and gives you the opportunity to craft (high-end) gear ahead of what you actually can gather mats for. Nice, huh?

Just keep in mind that the crafted item will be bound to your account. 

Supreme and up

Now the recipe levels will not be as neatly arranged, and each level may not contain all items. Supreme recipes have their single use/guild level at 58, and from Westfold the recipes are “spaced out” so that, for example armour recipes, will come with shoes at lvl 66, gloves and shoulders at lvl 68, leggings and helm at 72.

To get an upper body armour at Westfold tier you will have to rely on quest rewards or drops. Or get rep with Men of Dunland, Riders of Stangard or Théodred’s Riders so that you can barter for recipes. Or get guilded 😉

The same goes for Eastemnet and Westemnet tiers, but with other rep factions of course.

Check out the Lotro Wiki to learn how to get the recipes you want:

Recipe indexes on Lotro wiki

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