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Comments and my go-to links

There are so many good and useful guides out there.

Here’s a pick of my favourite resources

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2 thoughts on “Comments and my go-to links

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  1. I disagree on your crafting advice. I run a main for game play. I have two alts: an Explorer hunter, simply the best gatherer in the world and a Bank alt yeoman, This gives me flexibility and the advantages of using the crafting guilds. Explorers are a pain in groups as they take up time when others want to play. As well as the inevitable, I want that node argument. Gather away on your fast, map-happy hunter when you need mats or money-making ore. Use a strong craft for your main, like Tinker and Historian, things you do mostly away from groups. Your kin, fellow raiders, and friends will thank you for it.


    1. This is really sound advice – you are onto the very core of my advice; *be able to gather mats for yourself* 🙂
      And I agree, for more experienced players it might be better to have an explorer alt instead of main. Both my warden and my hunter are explorers, making it ever so easy to map away to the area I need to farm.
      The problem is more prominent for new players, rolling i.e. a guard and making it a woodworker (and yes, that is a real-game example of a not to snazzy combo).


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