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Welcome to Bella’s Lotro

cropped-avatar-bellastari.pngNew to Lotro and want to understand crafting?

Or just, um, in Lotro and want to understand crafting?

You’ve come to the right place! Read my crafting guides, and save tons of time and in-game sweat 🙂

Apart from the tips I share on crafting there are a few things I wish I had know when I first started playing Lotro:

  1. Keep track of your class skill deeds from early on, level 20-30 or so.
    Check the lotro wiki and set a skill rotation that works them in smoothly.
    That way you’ll acheive your class trait points earlier – and get to learn how to use your skills.
    When you have your class deed trait points you can set up a rotation that suits your playstyle and purpose.
    On my first alt, a lvl 80 hunter, I have completed one (1) class deed. Sigh.
  2. More on class skill deeds: they turn *yellow* when you’re done for the day (shift-L). I discovered that after almost a year of playing. Sigh, again.
    Plus, skill deed boosts stops the class skill deeds from turning yellow while active – but don’t pop a skill deed boost after the yellow-turning, as yellow will stay yellow.
  3. Read the Quest texts! Some of them are really entertaining, and some are “only” engaging. And they really add another dimension to the game!

OK, you’ll get two really important crafting tips in advance:

  1. Universal ingredient packs are super, super useful, especially if you’re an altaholic and need your mats to cover 10 or so alts 😉
    Many kins have the (premium) ingredient crates from where you get them.
  2. If you’re VIP: get guilded. This is especially useful in combo with UIP:s – use your mats to get guilded, and your UIP:s to equip your alts with your fancy guild recipes.

And: Scholars only need to reach Artisan of the Guild to buy all supreme dye recepies (including black). Combine with UIP:s and you can dye all your cosmetics all day long!

/ Bella

For non-crafting related beginners questions, this short guide is very to-the point:
LOTRO Legendarium: A guide to starting fresh in Lord of the Rings Online

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